12.17.14 Coal Creek









Good to be bACK

First paying gig – shoot the sunset at Madaket! Not too shabby. This here is an HDR (3 exposure of same frame) processed photo from one of the frames of the timelapse



The Lion Park – Outside JoBurg

After our departure from Cape Town, we headed north for our next endeavor, a 9 day stay in Kruger National Park. Kruger sits 6.5 hours east of JoBurg, so a trip from Cape Town to Kruger in one day would be quite a haul and a little ridiculous. The Lion Park is just outside of Johannesburg and contains 5 families of White Lion, with packs of wild dogs, cheetahs, giraffes, impala, meerkat, and zebras. We got to stay in powered safari huts feet away from roaming giraffes and ostriches – not quite the true African safari we were expecting, but a good warm up for Kruger.

birdosGiraffeCUgiraffePettingImpala_LP_CUImpala_LP_jumpingImpala_LPlionCubsLP_sunrisecommence the Braai!

commence the Braai!