Coffin Cup 2013

Day 1 of shooting for Egan Maritime Institute’s new video campaign. Super windy day results in a bunch of sailor kids up to their neck in summer temp water. Nice to be back out on the boat though – snagged a few stills



Good to be bACK

First paying gig – shoot the sunset at Madaket! Not too shabby. This here is an HDR (3 exposure of same frame) processed photo from one of the frames of the timelapse



South Africa : A Visual Journey

Excited to share my timelapse / my-trip-to-south-africa video from last month. All timelapses were a compilation of thousands of still images that are sped up within a sequence, making it appear as a seamless video over a long period of time. enjoy

Canon 550D with 18-55mm lens
GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
GoPro Hero2

“Dungtitled (In A Major)” – Stars of the Lid

The Lion Park – Outside JoBurg

After our departure from Cape Town, we headed north for our next endeavor, a 9 day stay in Kruger National Park. Kruger sits 6.5 hours east of JoBurg, so a trip from Cape Town to Kruger in one day would be quite a haul and a little ridiculous. The Lion Park is just outside of Johannesburg and contains 5 families of White Lion, with packs of wild dogs, cheetahs, giraffes, impala, meerkat, and zebras. We got to stay in powered safari huts feet away from roaming giraffes and ostriches – not quite the true African safari we were expecting, but a good warm up for Kruger.

birdosGiraffeCUgiraffePettingImpala_LP_CUImpala_LP_jumpingImpala_LPlionCubsLP_sunrisecommence the Braai!

commence the Braai!